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We purchased our German wirehaired pointer from Captains Kennels almost two years ago now. It was obvious to us from the very beginning that Don was both passionate and knowledgeable about his chosen profession. We were so impressed with Don and his available services that we send our dog back a couple times a year to further enhance his incredible natural abilities. We especially like the added benefit that we can also get further training on handling and hunting with our dog.

It is an incredible feeling to share a hunt with friends and know that our 2-year-old pup always shows up the more experienced and older dogs.

~Mark Krarup~


captains testimonials


I bought a 6 month old wirehair pup thru Don and It was love at first sight. Don had put her thru “Introduction to birds and the gun” training before I bought her and it really set the stage for later on. That following Winter, I had dropped her off for three months for some serious foundation work; Whoa training and a ton of bird work. He explained thoroughly his whole training procedure, all the way from “The Chain Gang” to “Bird in the hole.” The investment sure paid off, she has been one hell of a dog and just a joy to hunt with!

Thanks Captains Kennels,
Jon Shaw and Macy


captains testimonials

I would and do HIGHLY recommend that if you want your dog to turn out to be an outstanding dog that you take a look at Don Erlandson at Captains Kennels.  In fact every puppy that I sell I suggest that the new owner take their new pup to Don for training and I offer a $100 credit out of my pocket  for them to do so.  I have taken both of my dogs, Charlie and Will, to him for training since I firmly believe in his training methods, what he is able to get the dogs to do and the relatively short amount of time that it takes him.  While there are other people/trainers out there that say they do dog training, I believe that Don does it best, in the shortest amount of time possible, to turn out the highest quality dog they can be.  He trains the dogs using the silent command system to reinforce the "whoa" and "come" so that you never have to say a word to your dog. My dogs are great performers now, even beyond my expectations, and my dogs and I owe this to Don at Captains Kennels.

Kent Carder, Inverness Gordon Setters


Will inverness gorden setters
Even before we got our chocolate lab puppy, Don gave us great advice on some important things to work on as soon as we brought her home. Everything from basic potty training to socializing her at a doggy daycare. Don always returned our phone calls when we got frustrated or stuck on what to do.

When Josie turned 5 months old, we brought her to Don for an evaluation to determine if she was ready to start her bird training. Don spent over 3 hours with us explaining his training philosophies and techniques, showing us around his grounds, giving us demonstrations with some dogs he was currently working with and answering our endless questions. I was encouraged to stop by and see her on occasion, which I did, and he always called to give us updates of how she was coming along. After just 3 weeks he told us to come and pick her up. We continued to work with her on our own and she made her first trip to North Dakota the fall of 2007 at 10 months old and did amazing.

She is now 16 months, has 2 trips to North Dakota, 1 to South Dakota under her belt as well as several hunts at the local game farm. Josie continually out hunts many of of the older, veteran dogs. We also bring Josie to stay with Don if we need to board her for a couple nights. It’s a comfort to know your dog will be in the best hands when you are away.

Thanks for all your time and patience,
Tony Eastman & Dana Daniels

Josie 1



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