Obedience Training

Having a well-mannered dog is very important, whether you have a hunting dog or a family pet. I’ve trained all different breeds from Boston Terriers to Pit Bulls, English Pointers to Spring Spaniels.

While I offer traditional obedience training, I can customize the training for whatever your situation is.

Most behavioral issues can be linked to lack of obedience and exercise. Some of the more common issues that I deal with are things like:

    • barking
    • jumping on people and countertops
    • chewing
    • getting into the garbage
    • digging
    • chasing cars or deer
    • pulling while walking on a leash.

Most of these issues can be cured with general obedience.

“Heel”, “Sit”, “Stay”, “Whoa”, “Come” and “Lay Down” are the main commands for a well-behaved dog. I can offer additional commands as needed/requested.

I specialize in training with electronic collars and as a dealer for E-Collar Technologies, I can help you select the model of collar that would best suit your dog’s need.

You can leave your dog for weekly or monthly training, depending on your dog’s need, where at the end of the training I will teach you how to handle your dog.

For more personal attention, I offer private lessons and will train you and your dog as you go!

Please call for rates and to schedule times: Tel – (715) 488-2217


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